Corbella: Politics of apprehension backfired on Notley and can honest backfire on Trudeau too – Calgary Herald

Corbella: Politics of apprehension backfired on Notley and can honest backfire on Trudeau too – Calgary Herald

NDP Chief Rachel Notley held a rally to enhance NDP candidate Janet Eremenko and greet supporters at cSPACE in Calgary on Monday, April eight, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

Tuesday’s election find that gave Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Get collectively a majority authorities holds many lessons for people that spend within the politics of apprehension and smear. No longer most tremendous does it no longer continuously work, it will backfire gargantuan time.

The Alberta NDP ran a disgraceful, cynical advertising and marketing campaign of tried persona assassination against United Conservative Get collectively candidates who accumulate been known as every title within the e book, at the side of white supremacists.

Better than 70 per cent of eligible Alberta voters solid a pollon this election; Fifty five.2 per cent of them voted for the UCP and correct 32 per cent for Rachel Notley’s NDP — making her authorities the first within the province’s 114-yr history to manipulate for a single term. Of the 87 seats up for grabs, the UCP nabbed 63 and the NDP 24, in keeping with unofficial results.

Along with the final result of the election that stands as a repudiation of Notley’s advertising and marketing campaign approach, maybe the finest example of how vilifying one’s opponent can boomerang comes from what took feature to UCP candidate Kaycee Madu, who won within the using of Edmonton-South West against the NDP’s John Archer. In 2015, that seat was won by a clear NDP candidate with fifty three per cent of the vote.

Madu was defamed as a white supremacist sympathizer by Archer, Press Growth and other NDP supporters after Madu posted a photograph of himself with a advertising and marketing campaign sign on a lawn that talked about “,” which had a minute ticket from The Insurrection media group within the honest high corner.

Madu’s rival tweeted sooner than the April 1 Press Growth memoir looked, calling on Madu to “make an apology” for promoting The Insurrection.

“My opponent is praising The Insurrection,” Archer tweeted. “Right here is no longer who we are, Alberta. I name on my opponent (Madu) to make an apology.”

The absurdity of that criticism is that Madu is a Nigerian-born dim man. Clearly, the constituents of that using weren’t procuring the cynical hate-mongering by the NDP.

Madu did no longer answer to Press Growth, which is linked to the U.S.-funded Tar Sands Campaign to landlock Alberta oil thru Growth Alberta and is affiliated with the NDP. As an replacement, Madu, who has a regulation level from the University of Lagos, wrote on his Fb page: “Our focus remains guaranteeing that we rebuild our economy. We accumulate zero interest in divisive and id politics and politics of personal attacks and destruction, that are the focal point of the NDP because they are able to not afford to advertising and marketing campaign on their document of business failures.”

Short, candy and upright.

Adore Madu talked about, Notley and her NDP authorities MLAs couldn’t drag on their disastrous financial document and destructive insurance policies that accumulate chased away so worthy investor self assurance, jobs and capital, so that they tried and did no longer drag on Kenney’s previous going abet bigger than 30 years.

Expectantly, the lesson of how no longer to drag an election advertising and marketing campaign will finally birth sinking in throughout Canada.

At some point of last spring’s Ontario election, then-Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne ran her complete advertising and marketing campaign attacking Doug Ford, announcing he was a thorough honest-winger who would waste every social program Ontarians held expensive.

She and her birthday party accumulate been decimated — even shedding legit birthday party area — with Ford being swept to vitality on June 7, 2018. Her political document was no longer unlike Notley’s — with insurance policies that price residents dearly and wracking up immense deficits and debt.

Now, High Minister Justin Trudeau — whose reputation has plummeted within the polls after the SNC-Lavalin scandal confirmed that he has minute regard for the rule of regulation and that he bullies females in his cupboard and caucus if they don’t impact his bidding — is making an strive to impress the identical factor to Conservative Get collectively Chief Andrew Scheer.

Last week, Trudeau and his Dwelling chief attacked Scheer by insinuating he sympathizes with white supremacists. No longer even Trudeau can in fact accept as true with Scheer is a white supremacist. It’s farcical.

Reduction in February, Scheer spoke to the yellow vest convoy that drove throughout the country in enhance of Alberta’s oil and gasoline replace. Heck, I wrote about that convoy in magnificent phrases sooner than I knew that a contingent of that community espouses anti-immigrant views.

Scheer responded to Trudeau’s attacks, announcing: “I even accumulate continuously A hundred per cent denounced white supremacy and racism and anybody who promotes these hateful ideologies. And right here is what is so disgusting about this. They are using the very exact risk of hatred and racism on this country to shroud up their corruption scandal,” Scheer talked about of Trudeau and his birthday party.

“That is disgusting and he would maybe well additionally honest restful answer for it.”

Right here’s hoping Trudeau solutions for it the identical formula Wynne and Notley accumulate, by being trounced in a basic election.

“For lack of a bigger term, the NDP advertising and marketing campaign was a 28-day manure spreader,” talked about Marc Henry, the president of ThinkHQ Public Affairs, whose polls forecast a UCP majority throughout the advertising and marketing campaign.

“I kept anticipating one day within the advertising and marketing campaign for the NDP to pivot off of the negativity. I chanced on it ironic that the premier’s concession speech was the spotlight of her advertising and marketing campaign. If she would accumulate taken that tone and enlighten at the starting of the advertising and marketing campaign, she would maybe well need had a in fact a form of result,” talked about Henry.

At some point of his victory speech in Calgary, Kenney talked about: “This day, Albertans accumulate chosen hope over apprehension and solidarity over division. They’ve rejected the politics of personal destruction and instructed doubtlessly the most detailed thought ever supplied to Alberta voters (that is) 117 pages lengthy, with 375 explicit commitments to accumulate Alberta working.”

Licia Corbella is a Postmedia notion columnist.